Handicapped Dog Goes Out To Play In Snow. What He Uses To Get Around? SO COOL.

If we are ever down about anything life hands us, we just need to look at handicapped dogs. Despite conditions that would make a lesser person weep, they bound around with all the joy in the world. As long as they can get from Point A to Point B, they are happy, no matter their circumstances. Though, sometimes they need a little help. Like this adorable border collie named Roosevelt.

Roosevelt’s front legs are malformed, a condition that he’s had since birth. He’s a very happy dog and his foster parents love him very much. Despite his disability, he’s a very sweet dog that loves the snow. Of course, he can’t go out to play without some sort of help, so his foster mommy and daddy rigged up something with parts of a small wheelchair and two skis under the wheels. It’s a blast.

It’s so cute to see Roosevelt gliding along the snow. He’s got the hang of it, especially being able to turn to the side to stop. The pooch is having a blast doing it. His foster parents are so nice to do that for him. They saw how much he loved playing in the snow and did what they could to make it easier for him to run around in it. Look at the result! I would say it was a great investment for him.

Mommies and daddies who do things like this for their doggies or any other animal are special people. They want their babies happy and able to do what other dogs do, or as close as possible to it. I’m sure that he shows his appreciation for what they did for him with a lot of licks and kisses. People say that dogs don’t know. They know. Hopefully, he has many more years of fun in the snow with this set-up.

Doesn’t it look like Roosevelt is having SO much fun? What would you do if you saw a dog in his condition? Would you foster him or her? Please leave your opinions in the comments section below!

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