A Handler At The Zoo Gives A Baby Penguin A Tickle On The Belly; The Penguin’s Reaction Is Hilarious!

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Probably grumpy cat. But other than grumpy cat, everybody loves to laugh. One quick way to laugh is to be tickled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a creature that loves being tickled as much as the penguin in this video.

This young penguin is named Cookie. He is the mascot of the Zoo Bird House at the Cincinnati Zoo. Patricia Sund was working as a keeper at the zoo and captured this video to share with us. Watch as one of the regular handlers of Cookie gives him a tickle on the belly.

Cookie’s reaction is nothing short of hilarious. This cute little penguin actually giggles in response to being tickled. Watch this video and he’ll steal your heart. You will be in complete hysterics when you see this penguin’s adorable reaction.

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