Handsome black cat brings his obsession to bed with him

Cats are surely one of the best animals ever to have walked the planet. Kittens are beyond adorable but even adult cats can be totally cute. They’re elegant, nimble, and graceful… And they know it, which makes it especially funny when a jump goes wrong; the mortification on the cat’s face is absolutely hilarious. Cats do other funny things like suddenly attacking a toy mouse like it was the real thing, letting out meows and chirps, or going on a sudden rampage and zooming around the house with their ears pulled back and a crazed expression on their face. The feline attitude — I own this place and I own you, now feed me — is something human parents of cats actually find endearing. And when cats give you some love, you know it’s for real, whether it’s a head-butt, purring, kneading, or curling up on top of you.

Although long the victims of superstition, black cats have a lot admirers. Maybe it’s their mysterious appearance and bright eyes. Or maybe it’s because they’re just like miniature panthers. In the video posted below, you’ll see a pair of black cats acting in quintessentially feline fashion.

Bernie comes into the room with his “girlfriend” clutched in his jaws. The “girlfriend” is just a stuffed animal, but he’s completely obsessed with it. Naturally, he brings the “girlfriend” to bed for a night of warm snuggling. Lani, the other black cat, was already lounging on the bed with one of their human parents. When Bernie hops up on the bed, Lani makes an effort to grab the “girlfriend,” although being a cat, Lani is kind of lazy in how she goes about it. Even if she made a real effort, it’s pretty clear that nothing will make Bernie let go of his obsession. With his obsession still clutched in his jaws, Bernie proceeds to inflict some kneading on the human!

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