Handsome husky is baby’s best friend: dad catches it all on video

It’s not for nothing that dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” The friendship goes back a long, long way, at least 15,000 years. Back then, the last ice age was coming to an end and people everywhere were still hunters-gatherers (“cavemen,” if you will). So far as we know, dogs were the very first animal that humans domesticated. Because dogs are so smart and receptive to training, they’ve been called on to perform all sorts of useful tasks: guarding people and places, herding sheep and other animals, chasing rats, pulling sleds, and much more. Nowadays, working dogs are more often seen sniffing for contraband, guiding the blind, and even serving as therapy animals. But the number one job for dogs today? Being beloved pets, of course!

One breed of dog that it’s almost impossible not to like is the husky. They were originally bred by the Chukchi, the indigenous people in the remote part of Russia just across the water from Alaska. Huskies are now a popular pet. They’re are ridiculously good looking and get along well with people, including children.

And speaking of youngsters, we might add that dogs can be “baby’s best friend.” In the video posted below, you’ll see an adorable little baby enjoying a session with the family’s husky. You might be nervous seeing a baby interacting with such a big dog, but this husky is obviously gentle and loves the newest member of the pack. The scene was so cute that the baby boy’s dad rushed to get his phone so he could record it. When the little boy reaches out with his hand as if to say, “Hi!” to his friend the husky, you’re guaranteed to smile!

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