What happens when these babies meet dogs for the first time? So cute!

The science is now settled: babies are super cute, and dogs are super cute, but when you put them both together is that simply just the cuteness of babies plus the cuteness of dogs, or is it something much bigger? perhaps in the mathematical evaluation of cuteness the equation would actually look something like this: the cuteness of babies times the cuteness of dogs equals the cuteness of a baby interacting with a dog.

But wait, what if we took the best of the best of all of these baby and dog interaction videos and made one giant montage and greatest hits? This might just be too much to handle. Well I’m no Einstein of cuteness but I suppose the adorable factor would likely go up exponentially and through the roof.

That is exactly what the following video is. I should warn any readers that if you can’t handle cuteness, you might not want to watch because this will blow you away. Enjoy watching this montage of seeing babies and dogs doing what makes babies and dogs just so much fun to watch, and if you loved this as much as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.