What happens when a primate plays dress-up? This orangutan’s antics will have you howling!

We’ve all been there – when one friend is ignoring you and you’re doing your very best to get their attention. Sometimes it can be so infuriating that you’ll try anything to make them notice you!

It’s no different for our distant ancestors too, and the human behaviour can clearly be seen in this video of an adorable orangutan’s attempts to get his buddy to play. He’s discovered that a sack can make a great costume – complete with eye holes – and he’s put it on his head to get noticed. This playful primate is going to great lengths to impress his friend – who it seems wants nothing more than to be left alone! How many times do you just want to be left alone when your friend is attacking you with a paper bag over their heads?! The struggle is real.

Unperturbed, the fuzzy beast keeps going back for more, time and time again trying to pull his friend into a play fight. It’s especially hilarious when the two of them collapse back onto the ground together – neither of them has any idea what’s going on! His tenacity is to be applauded though, as every single time he gets beat, he straightens up, puts his game face on, and back he goes! He’s not giving up that easily!

And this sort of human-like behaviour is a regular occurrence at Save the Orangutan – the largest Orangutan sanctuary in the world. They’re a safe haven for as many as 500 of the animals – so you can bet it’s always a hilarious experience watching them play! The amazing centre, on the island of Borneo, is doing its bit to help save the critically endangered species. And when they’re as entertaining as these two – we want them around for a long time to come!

Protecting and reclaiming their rainforest habitat is a start, as is raising awareness about the animal’s plight. Save the Orangutan offers adoption programs, animal health care, and rehabilitation centres that focus on returning the animals safely into the wild. And these Indonesian locals look like they’re having the time of their lives.

Eventually, the sack over the head does the trick, and his friend just gives up having a roll in the mud. We don’t think he really had any choice! Check out the brilliant video and the amazing people at Save the Orangutan – they need all the support they can get.