The Happiest Woman Ever Has The Best Reaction To An Adorable Surprise

Some people are just happy with life and grateful for everything they have and receive. They spread cheer and positive vibes wherever they go, and they get joy out of the smallest moments. These are the kinds of people whose laughter is contagious, whom it’s impossible to be unhappy around.

We all know at least one of these people. They make the hard days easier to fight through, and they make the good days even better. And there’s one more thing about this type of person that is endearing. They are great people to give surprises to because their reaction is so rewarding!

Debbie is one of those people. During a small housewarming party her children threw for her, she grins from ear to ear. She’s not expecting the amazing surprise that her family planned for her at all, and even her reaction to the decoy gift is so genuine and full of gratitude, you can tell she really believes this is the gift they chose for her and she loves it. She even compliments the wrapping with enthusiasm. She would have been happy with just this one gift, but it was just a decoy and her kids had much more in store for her than that. They really wanted to show how much they love and appreciate their mom.

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