Happy Birthday to The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr is most well-known for his time drumming for The Beatles, one of the most famous bands of all time!

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

However, Ringo’s story is much larger than just being a member of The Beatles, and his incredible career has led him to be the richest and arguably the best drummer of all time.

He was born on July 7, 1940, in Liverpool, England. He had a challenging child and contracted tuberculosis when he was only seven years old. Luckily, while he was in the hospital, the nurses encouraged the children to form a band, and he found his love for percussion.

Once he was released, he continued pursuing his love of music with encouragement from his step-father, and he got his first genuine drum kit in 1957.

Shortly after, he joined the Hurricanes, which led him to tour throughout Europe and meet the men who would eventually become The Beatles.

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

In 1962 he officially joined The Beatles. While he was hired to play the drums, the producers didn’t entirely trust his sound, and he was demoted for a short time to playing the maracas and the tambourine.

Luckily, the fans loved Ringo, and it was soon apparent that he fit in perfectly with the band.

By 1964, Beatlemania was in full force, and their tour of America enhanced their success and overall popularity to the point of no return. During these years, Ringo sang on several tracks and was a vital part of the band.

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

Over time, Ringo took a backseat to the fame of McCartney and Lennon, as they became The Beatles’ most famous faces and voices.

However, many people do not know that behind the scenes, Ringo was known for his songwriting creativity and as the band members’ emotional support and comic relief.

His unique drumming style is undoubtedly one of the reasons the band became so iconic, and his skills were essential to the band’s success.

After The Beatles broke up in 1970, Ringo Starr embarked on a solo career and occasionally played for his former band members on their personal projects.

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr

Over the following three decades, Ringo continued to make music, starred in movies, started bands, and was continually involved in the world of entertainment.

While nothing he ever did made quite as much of a scene as The Beatles, overall, Ringo Starr had a wildly successful career in music and film, and he is widely regarded as one of the world’s best drummers.

He is still rocking today at the age of eight-two, and you can find him on stage and online creating videos and music for the people, as he has always done!

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Happy Birthday to The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr