This Happy Hedgehog LOVES Her Bath… Her Puppy Friend Is Less Enthusiastic!

As the old saying goes “It’s a dog’s life.” Dogs are cute, fun, and loyal creatures who will give you unconditional love for little more than a good scratch behind the ear. In return to their utter dedication to us they live the high life, showered in treats and toys.

But one aspect of living with humans is sure to unease most dogs. If you utter that nasty four letter word you are sure to see the dog running in the opposite direction. The word I’m referring to is of course, bath.

Dogs hate baths with a passion, and that’s the reason that this video is so funny. Watch as Prickles the hedgehog shows her baby sister, Hazel the Havanese, that she’s got nothing to fear from the bath. This 6 month old puppy hasn’t quite made up her mind yet if she’s comfortable in the water.

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