Your Happy Space May Be Your Couch But For This Fella, Well He Prefers This…

Dogs are at times a little crazy. They’ll run around, tongues hanging out, drool sloshing all over the place only to sink down somewhere comfortable. When summer comes round the corner, they like to just chill, but when they get to go to a place all for them, then they go into a different kind of trance.

The Bark Haus in Miami was built in 1939 and boasts of over 12,000 square feet for fun and doggy games for the canines in their care. They can sleep on luxurious beds, go to the Bark Haus beach and even take a swim in the special dog pool. They’ll be having so much fun, they wouldn’t want to leave!

Well, when Chris visited the Bark Haus, he wanted to find his very own happy place and he found it not in a shady corner or comfy couch, but in a small pool filled with tennis balls! You can tell he’s having the time of his life but his heavy breathing could alarm a few people. Whatever the reason, he’s chilling on his back, looking up at the beautiful blue sky and is probably content.

All that’s left is to have someone get him his bowl of water. LOL. Do you pamper your pooch too? Has your pet ever found an unusual place to relax? What’s your pet’s happy place? Write in and tell us in the comments section below – let’s see the most unusual spots!

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