Hard Day? Relax With a Kitten Massage!

Cats are famous for making pizza. Don’t believe me? Watch this adorable kitten he is a master at kneading….his kitten pal! This behavior is very common amongst cats particularly those that had to be away from their mother at a young age. It is comforting to them because it’s the same motion that they had to use to be able to feed from their mother cat! We human encourage this adorable behavior and that’s how we end up with adorable masseuses!

Everyone loves a good massage — especially cats! After a long day of play this adorable kitty gives her friend a relaxing and refreshing massage. Just what he needed! This is extremely cuteness! I wanna cuddle with both of them! LOL

Watch as this precious little precious kitten helps her feline friend recoup after a long day of play. Slowly, her fuzzy buddy drifts off to sleep… you can hear him purrrrrrr.

These two kitties were found abandoned and they were fostered by their loving foster mother. Soon after this video was released, they found their furever home! Please watch and share this adorable clip with all your friends and family!

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