It’s hard being an older rescue dog. 25-Year-old may be the oldest rescue dog around. Wow!

Age is something that is ever fleeting. Time stops for no person, even if it feels like it can occasionally. Sometimes we say things we regret or live with regret, and that seems to age us faster. It’s important not to be too stuck in your resolve, sometimes even to the point of admitting when you are wrong. I know, it’s not easy, I know it can be painful at times, but what you gain in return? Can make you not only wise, but happier. The ancient Greeks had a phrase that they would say before they held meetings with the Socratic method. The phrase was an attempt to bridge tensions and ultimately gain more than they originally had. The point of these talks and discussions wasn’t to “Win” it was to spread awareness for surrounding occurrences, to understand the social climate, and above all, to gain wisdom using logic. The phrase they would say before beginning the talks or discussions or debates, was “Wisdom starts with owning up to ignorance.” A very powerful idea.

Sometimes, it can be hard to get to the age of wisdom. It can be difficult to accept that things change in a dynamic setting. Sometimes, it’s your resolve to remain who you are that holds you back from experiencing something or participating in something that could change your life for the better. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but if the dog doesn’t care? Then the trick will be all for naught, and nothing will be gained on either end.

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