Hard-Working Truck Drivers Say ‘I’m Happy To Do It,’ While Keeping Our Shelves Stocked During Coronavirus

While most of the world is stuck at home during the Coronavirus crisis, some people are finding themselves busier than ever. Long-haul truck drivers are just one of the many essential industries working being the scenes to keep our shelves stocked with necessary supplies.

David Halfhill is just one of the hundreds of truck drivers working tirelessly to keep shelves across the country stocked with essentials such as food, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies during the coronavirus outbreak. And amazingly, even with the long days of pickups and deliveries, Halfhill says “I’m happy to do it.”

However, even as a driver, some supplies, such as toilet paper and disinfectants, are still difficult to come by. In between getting just a few hours of sleep and constantly sanitizing his truck to keep himself and his family safe, Halfhill sometimes has to drive hundreds of extra miles to pick up supplies when one location is out of stock.

Though Halfhill says it’s frustrating to see the supplies he delivers fly off the shelves almost as fast as he can stock them, he is mentally and physically doing well amidst all the extra driving. Just this past weekend he was looking forward to being home with his family in time for Easter and his wife’s birthday.