Harvey Isn’t Your Everyday, Normal Pooch. His Small, But Effective Secret Made Him A Star

There are many good ads out there. We see a lot of them during the Super Bowl, where ads are at their peak of hilarity or emotional influence. Now-a-days, the internet seems to be filled to the brim with ads, breaking up everything in our lives. From Hulu to Netflix, Ads have a way of breaking up our lives or activities. The anticipation of the “skip add” dialogue makes us that much more hurried to get to the content.

The television is a window of many opinions. Many people have a favorite series or show, something to enjoy and follow weekly or binge watch sometimes just because they can.
People have shown, compared to 1944, more watching and using televisions recently, compared to when they first appeared on the scene.

Some mascots can be made a bit on the fly and don’t always go over well with the customer base. Maybe they are unrelated to the product at all, or they made a gag about their named and stuck with it. However, one dog, Harvey shows the other side. What if YOU could advertise your product?

Thinkbox gives us the option to market ourselves, almost like a start-up. To create excitement about our product or our services in a usually quirky way. Ads aren’t always bad, and with Thinkbox you could make your mark and get people excited about your brand. There are quite a few positives.

It can be hard being freelance. It’s not as though you start out and jobs come flooding in, no one knows your services are available. To go further, they don’t even know what your services are! This is great for people who want to get their name out there. People who want to really expand their business.

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