He goes all-out reading a story to his baby niece and they’re both laughing

If one of your siblings has kids, you may aspire to be the fun aunt or uncle who spoils them with gifts and affection while also doing your best to entertain them and get them to laugh. Here’s an uncle who went all-out at story time with his baby niece.

Little Margot really loves it when her uncle reads her a story and as you’ll see, she has good reason to. This story time, he chose “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” It’s a classic picture book for small children that was first published just over 50 years ago. The authors, Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle, created a book with no real story line; instead, it’s all about helping toddlers associate colors and meanings with objects.

As soon as the book comes out, Margot’s face lights up with excitement. She knows that her fun-and-games uncle is about to treat her to one of his highly entertaining readings. As he progresses from one character in the book to another, her uncle gives each one a goofy voice. Between that and his exaggerated manner, Margot is laughing the whole time and so is her uncle as the brown bear sees a red bird who then sees a yellow duck, and so on. The one exception is the purple cat. She just doesn’t like that one. Why is a mystery, although it’s possible she’s a dog person. After all, when they move on to the white dog, she’s happy and laughing again.

Check out the video posted below to see this delightful story time. It’s a good bet that once she’s learned some words, reading with her uncle is only going to get more hilarious for both of them.

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