He Has Been Friends With That Lion For 11 Years And It Saved Him. Their Friendship Melts My Heart!

Lion, the King of the jungle. What would you do if you encountered one? Of course, run for your life. They would probably sink their sharp and pointy teeth on your pulse the moment they sense it, but that doesn’t mean they are always vicious and that they don’t have any feelings.

A lion caretaker can prove this theory to you. Frikkie Von Solms is a 69 year old lion caretaker in South Africa, and he has spent the past 11 years of his raising Zion. Zion is a gentle and loving African Lion. Zion was born in confinement to a lioness named Simba but he had to be divided from her due to the risks of getting killed by his father. And then Solms took charge. This is truly a one of a kind friendship and it is so beautiful. I wish I could have a lion like that.