He Just Wanted To Dance…And Then The Whole World Started Watching

Amidst the hundreds of dance videos that can be found on YouTube, one particular clip keeps viewers coming back year after year. What started out as a simple attic dance routine has turned this man into a worldwide sensation, and we can see why after catching a glimpse of his flowing moves.

Sven Otten, also known as JustSomeMotion, has taken it upon himself to share his unique way of “getting down” with the world by posting his insane home-videos. In this clip, he dances along to a Parov Stelar hit, one that seems to have him dancing “all night.”

To achieve this clip, Otten strategically set up a camera in his loft apartment to give us a full view of his impromptu stage. Whether intentional or not, the way the light plays behind him almost makes it look as if he’s a 2D figure dancing within a 3D world.

As Otten writes in his description, “this channel is all about dancing. Over the years I learned many different styles to combine them to my own.” After a performance like that, we certainly think he’s found the perfect recipe.

He Just Wanted To Dance...And Then The Whole World Started Watching