He Plays Beethoven For An Old Elephant. The Animal’s Reaction? Amazing.

Paul Barton is a pianist and animal lover living at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. He has found that the resident animals, like former logging elephant Mongkol, love listening to him play the piano. Paul plays Mongkol Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” in the moonlight, and the elephant’s reaction is pure magic.

Pianist Paul Barton loves to visit the rescued elephants at Elephant World in Thailand. He discovered, purely through experimentation, that the elephants love to listen to music, so he’s been dragging his piano out into the jungle and playing them classical tunes. This particular handsome guy is Mongkul, a former logging elephant.

Mongkul is a big fan of Beethoven. Watch as Paul plays the “Moonlight Sonata” for his elephant friend. The animal, for his part, sways to the music, flapping his ears and even raising his trunk to dance in the air. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Paul play music for the elephants, but it might be the most moving.