He Presses His Face Into The Snow And Voila, Hilarious Artwork Appears

Li Daguo of Handen, China, decided to have some fun with the huge piles of snow that covered his car during a winter storm. Pressing his face into the snow, he creates hilarious 3D portraits of his face. The imprints seem to move as he moves, and even one looks like a woman.

Imagine the scene: You wake up one morning after a snowstorm and trundle out to your car to go to work, only to find your car is covered in snow. Now you could go back into the house for a shovel to clear the snow, but where would be the fun in that?

Li Daguo of Handen, China, faced this exact dilemma and decided to have a little fun before he cleared off his car. Striking a funny face, he plunged his head into the snow, creating hilarious 3D imprints. He made several with various expressions, then grabbed some lipstick to make a lady portrait as well.