He Put a Camera Inside His Guitar, But When He Started to Play, He Captured Something Unusual

This spectacular, acoustic guitar, music video melds a unique combination of the talents of Alan Gogoll. This amazing showcase combines his expertise with the acoustic guitar, and his creativity with video production.

Alan is known around the world as the pioneer of the Bells Harmonics Technique. An Australian by birth, a generation of acoustic guitarists claim him as their own in every corner of the globe.

In this video, every piece is representative of his complex, intricate style. He manages to feature his unique signature guitar tuning, and glorious images, all while providing uplifting music every moment. Play this in the background while you relax or work, after you have seen the incredible visuals at least once!

Don’t miss his soothing, uplifting creative video. Thanks to Alan Gogoll for this amazing video! Make sure to follow him for more incredible videos.