He Sees Her Do THIS To An Elephant And Starts Filming. I Can’t Believe This! OMG!

It is said that animals like music as we humans do. But I never knew it could actually put them to sleep. Lullaby for an elephant may sound strange at first. But after watching this video, you will not think so.

At first, it appears as if this woman is punishing this elephant. But, if you look closely you will see something much more touching. Lek the caretaker is in reality singing a lullaby for this elephant.

She certainly has a beautiful voice. And the elephant seems to enjoy her voice very much. As soon as she starts to sing, he just completely surrenders himself to her. He lies down and allows her to caress him. And after a while he just starts snoring.

There is no love greater than a mother’s love to her child. And Lek is just taking care of this gentle giant like a mother.

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