He Took A Truckload Of Dogs To The Beach. What Happened Next? Amazing!

A day at the beach is really fun. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like beaches. By the looks of it, humans are not the only ones who love it. As you can see in the clip, dogs and cats are quite a big fan as well. This clip features a bunch of dogs and a cat’s day at the beach. When you see how happy they are, you are going to melt!

You have probably heard of Didga the cat before. She is often known as the “World’s Best Skateboarding Cat”. She was adopted from the shelter at 13 weeks old and she has been joining her owner on these outings her whole life. Her owner runs an off leash training program, and whenever a dog graduates from the program, he offers them a “doggy-outing service”. He usually picks up 8 to 12 dogs and takes them to dog-friendly places like the beach. He used a GoPro camera to shoot this “Happy” video.

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