He Was Giving All Of His Dogs A Treat But The Dog On The Left Has Other Plans!

Dogs know how to play the fool, Even though it is clear by what they can be trained to do and how they can problem solve, that they are very smart creatures. Just watch the dog in this video and you’ll see what I mean.

The man lines up all of the dogs in a row and starts to give them all a treat. But the dog on the left has worked out an impressive life hack, to get him more treats than the others. Watch as he slips from one position to another so as to get an extra treat.

It’s clear that this dog isn’t falling anyone, but that doesn’t mean that this dog’s antics art pretty funny. Surely if the dog is smart enough to scheme the system like this, then he deserves an extra treat. Watch this video and enjoy this foolish dog try his funny scam.

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