He was roaming the streets alone until something happened that changed his life forever!

Every time I see a dog wandering the streets, I always think of how difficult it must be for them. This is especially true for all those dogs who find themselves on the street after having lived with a loving family. Imagine going from having all your needs taken care of, to going many days without eating anything. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, seeing yourself in a situation like this can really get you down.

This is why I try to have dog food and water at home just in case I run across a poor dog who really needs it. One day, I remember going out to get some milk one evening and seeing a dog lying on the street. At first, I thought the dog was just tired and decided to take a break, but as I approached her, I realized there was something else going on.

It turned out that the dog had been hit by a vehicle and one of her legs was injured. The injuries didn’t seem serious, but I was not going to leave her there. I took her home in a blanket and took out my first-aid kit. I carefully cleaned her wound which appeared to be superficial. I gave her food and water and let her sleep at my house for the night.

The following day, I took her to the veterinarian where she got X-Rays taken to see if she had any broken bones. Fortunately, she did not sustain serious injuries. She was given some antibiotics to prevent an infection and she was ready to go home that same afternoon. I took her home and put up some posters to see if anyone had lost her.

It turned out that one lady had, in fact, lost her a couple of days before. She had tried to locate her but had not been able to. She thanked me for everything I had done for her dog, Sasha, and took her home. If I had not been able to find an owner, I would probably have decided to keep her. She is a lovely dog and I have gotten to see her often.

Well, a puppy named Fram was also found wandering the streets. He was alone and scared. Fortunately, he was found by the side of a busy road by a group of rescuers from an organization called, “Howl of a Dog.” He was found very close to incoming traffic and was quickly taken to safety. When they took him to the shelter, he could finally have a good night’s sleep. His life was about to change in the best possible day!