Hear ‘Away In A Manger’ Like Never Before in a Spine-Tingling Performance

Pentatonix has just released a spine-tingling version of another traditional Christmas classic song, and it is truly going viral.

Using the forest as a stage, Kevin Olusola, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, and the lovely Kirstin Maldonado sing in the crisp, cool air.

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Away in a Manger – Pentatonix-Everything blends seamlessly and effortless to create a resounding Christmas classic for the ages. The way they can sing without any instrumental accompaniment is truly remarkable.

Pentatonix is well known for incredible harmonies and a cappella performance genius. It’s easy to forget there are no actual instruments involved when you hear their performance.

Well known throughout the world for their incredible voices, they are becoming even more famous with their contemporary Christmas music. Fans across the globe are thrilled to hear the Pentatonix version of “Away In A Manger.”

Pentatonix has wowed the music industry, before. They have already won Grammy awards three years in a row, two YouTube Music Awards, a Streamy Award, and a Shorty Award which all adds up to some serious credentials.

Even though they’re superstars now, they know how important it is to be with their friends and families. So they’ll be taking a Christmas break to recharge and reconnect, advice great for all of us to follow.

See for yourself in this hauntingly beautiful video below. Pentatonix has, yet again, wowed everyone.

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Hear \'Away In A Manger\' Like Never Before in a Spine-Tingling Performance