Patsy Cline singing “Back in Baby’s Arms” – Old Memories Will Come Flooding Back

The ’60s were a time that few can forget. There were many people of amazing talent who made the shocking transition from singer to star. There are many that remember the movements of the ’60s inspiring unification and the togetherness that all of us can only hope to achieve.

While many famous relationships seemed to spark, it was a time of controversy, change, and action. The ’60s were a time of action, as we didn’t limit ourselves to the exploration of our planet. We had bigger goals, as we went to explore the unknown of space. The great vastness of the universe was at our fingertips, and we seemed to be able to accomplish anything. We put many out into space with the hopes of discovering something new. We were all united in the idea of moving forward and getting a different look on if we were alone in the universe or not.


We moved forward with advancements in the music industry technology, not only inventing 8-track tapes, but also compact cassettes. We really seemed to be on a winning streak, trying to pool our resources for the messages that many famous stars and performers simply had to get out. Many spoke up about the various climates of the time, from political, social, and economics.

The summer of love happened, a time where many were protesting wars and decided that love was the route to go. The psychedelics of the time really influenced the idea of free love, changing out monogamous state to something else. Something new and exciting for many. With the ’50s slowly leaving the “end of rock-and-roll,” we found ourselves thinking more and more about the great moments we had loved intimately, and the powerful trains of thought came to a gradual stop, as American folk music got a revival. We were flabbergasted by the messages they felt they needed to say.

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The British invasion seemed to take over many fields of view, as the Beatles made their way to America, changing the way that we thought of the world yet again. Their loving lyrics or sometimes haunting lyrics, accompanied by their pop sound, seemed to make many people think, as love was the message inherent in many of their songs.

Yet, when it came to the country music scene, one of our all-time favorites had started to make a name for herself. Some of her more popular works at the beginning of her career took rise, and she continued her powerhouse performances with her amazing voice that touched the lives of so many people.

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Patsy Cline was a unique singer in the world at the time; as most were speaking of free love, she was remised in her idea of being back in her lover’s arms. To share that embrace of connection that filled her with hope. The jaunty rhythm followed with her shockingly thrilling voice, made for an amazing song of great desire and hope.

The country scene at the time had many who seemed to be fusing with rock and roll. Taking such great performers as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, who both seemed to be very rock-based, had their roots in folk or country that made them irrefutably the best in the industry.

The simplicity of Cline’s songs really seemed to hit a note with people, while also expressing a great desire for spiritual communion. When you listen to her rare performance, I know you will be absolutely stunned by her sheer talent and calmingly beautiful voice.

Patsy Cline singing “Back in Baby\'s Arms” – Old Memories Will Come Flooding Back