They hear Elvis Presley’s voice and when they look, they see a 16-year-old boy

There have been many sightings of Elvis Presley ever since he passed away. Many people believe that he didn’t die, but that he chose to fake his death, so he could live a calmer life. What do you think? Do you think someone would do that? Would you do that? I’ve seen many singers and celebrities say that the thing they miss the most is having a private life and going out like ‘regular people’ would.

If I were that famous, I don’t really know if I would choose to do something like that. I mean, Elvis Presley was pretty famous, he would be recognized anywhere he went. I also heard many stories that Elvis was a very generous man. I heard he would give big presents to people he barely knew. Like this one time that he gifted a guy his Cadillac just because he happened to complement Elvis on it.

Conspiracy theorists all around say that Elvis had become tired of his busy lifestyle. As his career progressed, so did his habit of drinking and doing drugs. So, by the time he was doing his last performances, everything was not looking very good. You can call me a skeptic, but I don’t really believe that he is living a normal life out there. I mean, come on, you would have to be very selfish to decide to leave everything, including your family only to be able to live your ‘quiet time’ far away from everything.

I’ve seen some very convincing pictures of people who look darn close to the king of rock. Like the guy who I saw the other day on a YouTube clip, who as soon as the camera started filming him, started to cover his face and saying that he was not Elvis. I mean, I guess if that was really Elvis, he would say something like that. He declined to be interviewed and recorded. So, I guess it remains a mystery.

I have also listed to some singers who sound very close to Elvis himself. And that’s almost a compliment because Elvis had a very good voice. So, it’s not like any guy can just fake his voice and get away with it. There was this one guy in America’s Got Talent that even looked like Elvis, back when he was just starting out his career, and the way he sounded…you could swear it was the same guy.

Well, he’s not the only one. A French-Canadian young man gave thousands of people chills when he was invited to a local radio show. He was asked to sing one of Elvis classic songs for Christmas. The minute I started listening to him, I would say he delivered on point. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Click on the next video and you’ll see Elvis is still alive!