They Heard A Baby Crying Out For Help. When They Got Closer What They Saw Was Terrible!

Is pretty rare to see wild horses running around. If you do spot wild horses you will see how majestic these beasts are and why most people are in love with them. But the downside to the freedom of the wild is that there are no humans to help them if they get injured or sick.

The RSPCA U.K. (Royal Society of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals) are the oldest animal welfare charity in the world. They heard this foal crying and went to investigate and found this white mare with the foal.

The site of the horses back leg entangled in her own main was terrible. The scared foal was crying out for anyone to help. Luckily these heroes heard the foals call came to give mom a helping hand. The foal’s reaction was literally to jump for joy when he saw that help it finally arrived!

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