Newborn Fawn Is Stuck in The Bushes. This Wonderful Man Was Able to Help

When Todd and his wife were outside for a walk around their property, they heard some whimpers from some bushes that surround the house. They went close to inspect and to their surprise saw a tiny baby deer trapped in a window well.

He had fallen in the window well to the basement and couldn’t get out. The mother was nearby, but couldn’t do anything for her baby except stand nearby and hope someone would help. What this Colorado Springs couple did for him is beautiful!


The fawn’s mother was nearby, panicking over her trapped baby, but she’s not in the video at the beginning. Toddy climbs down the ladder into the window well and inspects the fawn. She looks okay and uninjured. When Todd went closer to her fawn, the mother came over to make sure he was not hurting the baby.

Todd picks up the fawn, and she makes a loud sound, but the mother doesn’t come any closer. I think she senses Todd is there to help. He finally succeeds in rescuing the tiny fawn, and as soon as he puts the fawn on the ground, she starts walking toward her mother.


It is amazing to watch the deer walk off with her baby close behind. The baby is uninjured and walking behind her mother without a problem. The fawn is so tiny! Poor mama must have been quite worried.

Newborn Fawn Is Stuck in The Bushes. This Wonderful Man Was Able to Help