They Heard A Dog Screaming For Help. But When The Camera Zooms In Closer? My Heart Broke!

The video below features a tiny little dog named Boo. Little Boo makes rounds every night and says hello to his neighborhood friends. This 13-year-old pooch is really famous and almost everyone in the neighborhood thinks of him as a best friend. But one day the little guy went missing and they found him whimpering for help while struggling for his life on an ice coated pond in Greenville near Carriage Road.

People heard a dog barking and crying for help and discovered he had fallen through the ice in a pond. He was hanging on, but half his body was in the water. He belonged to a family in the neighborhood and everyone wanted him to be rescued.

The little dog couldn’t make it out of the water on his own. He couldn’t get a hold on the ice to pull himself out. But soon enough a team of firemen from Elsmere and Cranston Heights fire departments arrived. They knew it was going to be a hard rescue. But despite all the odds against them, they got a small boat and started going at the ice.

They got closer and finally managed to grab little Boo and take him to safety and warm him up. Boo is safe and his humans will probably keep an eye out for him more often now. Surely they will walk with him and keep him safe from now on. What a brave little guy he is, and these firefighters are real heroes!

Watch this amazing rescue below! Did this touch your heart? Let us know in the comments section!

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