When She Heard Her Dog Yelp, She Never Thought It Was Because Of THIS!

When a porcupine crawled into the house, a bulldog Bella Mae tried to scare it away but ended up getting a face full of needles.

Bella Mae’s face is covered in porcupine needles after the critter crawled into the house and surprised the dog. The dog didn’t really stand a chance against the defensive porcupine. Immediately Bella Mae’s owner rushed the suffering dog to emergency animal care.

The animal care professionals worked quickly to remove the porcupine quills from the dog’s face. But the dog also got a mouthful of the prickly needles and those needed to be removed too.

She also had quills stabbing her feet. The professionals are taking the quills out and putting them in a metal tin. Astonishingly Bella Mae had more than 500 quills removed from her body. Fortunately, Bella Mae had all of the porcupine quills removed and is now recovering well.

She’s a happy dog again but I have a feeling she’ll stay away from those prickly critters from now on.

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