When She Heard An Intruder Breaking In, This Tough Grandma Did Something SHOCKING!

While sleeping one night, this 72 years old woman from California was startled by a noise in her house. She found out a man was trying to break in, and she found herself helpless against this frightening situation. Jan Cooper, as the woman is called, was with her husband, a wheelchair-bound WW2 veteran. She did not hesitate to take the situation in her own hands, and her actions and determination will surely leave you shocked!

She went to grab her gun, which she was legally allowed to have and use, all while calling 911 at the same time and telling them about the situation without a single stutter. In the call, you can hear her dog barking as the woman waits for the intruder to come in, while telling the person on the phone to send the police right away. After hearing the intruder break in, Jan yells that she’s about to fire just before doing exactly that, missing the man very closely. After that, Jan said that the man apologized and left the house by himself. Her determination and confidence are definitely something to admire!

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