Have You Heard Of The ‘Wheel Of Giants? No Idea What I’m Talking About? Get To Know The Mystery.

This 5,000-year-old stone circle may look like a pile of rocks from the ground; however when you look at it from above, you’ll see that the 42,000 volcanic rocks actually form something quite intriguing.

The site was cataloged during an archaeological survey carried out in 1967-1968 by Shmarya Gutman and Claire Epstein. Known as the “Wheel of Giants,” five stone walls arranged in a circular pattern create an ancient monument that attracts scientists and archaeologists from all around to Golan Heights to see it.

At the center of the circular walls is what’s thought to be a 15-foot-high burial mound. Most of the surrounding walls are about 6.6 feet tall, with the outer walls reaching up to 8 feet high.

Similar to Stonehenge and other ancient monuments, the Wheel of Giants has been the source of much speculation.

Some experts believe the site was built by nomads, while others believe that the circles were built and used for other reasons, with the burial tomb being added later.

Theories about what the circle was used for are abundant as well. Many believe that the site was primarily a burial ground, while some suggest that it was used to keep track of the date.

Whatever the “Wheel of Giants” was originally designed to be, there’s no denying the mysterious nature to this monument.

What do you think the “Wheel of Giants” was used for when it was built approximately 5,000 years ago? Do you think it is a burial ground or a place where people could come and worship? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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