He Hears Dog Crying And Dangling From Balcony. That’s When He Jumps Into Action

Heroes often spring into action without even thinking about it. There is something about human nature and protecting others that trigger this impulse. According to statistics, most accidents that someone can have will happen at the person’s own home.

We all like to think of our homes as very safe places, especially if we have kids. We child-proof or homes with everything we can find at the store. We install child-proof locks, gates, and covers for electrical outlets. We try to cover everything in the house, but very few times we think of our pets when doing so.

Come to think of it, there are not a lot of pet-proof devices you can get. Most of these devices are more designed to keep dogs from opening the trash or getting into our food cabinet. They are not really designed to protect them from danger. What can we do in these cases? How can we safeguard our pet when we’re not at home? Gates to keep them away from certain areas are a good option. You can get one of those baby gates that dogs can’t open. Of course, the dogs can jump over them. Sometimes a simple thing like closing a door can do much more than getting something from the store.

A man would soon find this out. He was quietly sitting at home when he hears something strange coming from outside. It sounds like someone is crying or something. He goes to check but does not see anything. Then, he looks up and what he sees takes his breath away. A dog is dangling from the bars on the balcony from the floor above.

This dog’s life is in danger and apparently there is no one at home to help. The dog is dangerously stuck and hanging by its back two legs. Somehow, the dog got stuck when it decided to peek in between the bars from the balcony. It looks very scared and can probably fall to its death if someone doesn’t get it back up.

The man tries to push the dog up, but it’s too far up to reach. He uses a broom to push the dog up but fails. He needs to think of some other way to get to the dog. He thinks of something that not many of us would do. He will put his own life in danger in trying to get to this dog and get it to safety.