He Hears The Sink Running, And Knows It’s Bath Time. I’ve Never Seen A Bird Get So Excited!

If you’re a lucky animal parent like myself, you must know that it’s a very serious responsibility. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, they always have their own special necessities in terms of food, safety, socializing, amongst other things. Grooming is usually one of the most fun parts of it all, because each animal has their own unique way they prefer to do it.

To be honest, I consider bath time to be one of the hardest parts of living with pets. Because I only have cats and dogs, it’s always a hassle to get them clean, one way or another. It can be quite the challenge, because some of them really hate the water, while others love it so much, they can’t stay clean for too long. It’s almost impossible to get the perfect balance right away! But the pet owner in the video below seems to have nailed it.

The bird in the video below loves bath time like no other animal you have ever seen. He barely hears his owner turning the faucet on, and he gets in place right away. He loves the water so much, he gets excited for his bath every single time! This beautiful little bird loves being clean like no other pet does, for sure!

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