She Hears Strange Noises In Her Ear. Doctor Says It Is Nothing But Surgeon Is Left Stunned At What He finds

The human body is a strange and wonderful work of art. It has many interesting ways of telling us something is wrong. People say that the best way to stay healthy is to listen to your body. As a very successful blogger would find out, this couldn’t be more real. Courtney is a very successful beauty blogger. She does video blogs giving tips and recommendations for many women to follow.

Her channel has over 260,000 subscribers and that number seems to be growing every day. She is very well articulated and seems to have it all together. As many of us, she started feeling funny but didn’t think much about it. She didn’t think that her body was telling her anything or that she needed to take immediate action.

It all starts with her hearing something inside her ear. It sounded like a crackling noise although it wasn’t too bothersome. A few moments later she starts having problems pronouncing some words. She starts typing on her blog and notices she is having problems with that as well. This makes her worry a little bit but she decides to go to sleep hoping to feel better the following day.

She does feel better the next day and decides to go about her day. A few days later she starts slurring her words again and having the same problems typing. Her mother intervenes and decides to take her to the emergency room. Many tests are carried out including one that shows some sort of shadow in a certain part of her brain. The doctor tells her not to worry as they still need to do a biopsy. Once the biopsy results arrive there is no doubt of what’s going on.

A stage III brain tumor is found in the part of the brain that controls language and speech. They immediately schedule her to undergo a risky brain surgery. Doctors will tell you that all surgeries have a certain risk. Brain surgeries are especially risky and might even be dangerous. If there is damage caused to any of the areas of the brain, it will be irreversible. If there is a blood clot or hemorrhage, the results can be fatal. She agrees to the surgery and it takes the surgeon six hours to remove the tumor. They perform testing a few days after and are delighted with the results. Her brain is tumor-free but the battle has not been won yet.

She still needs to undergo speech therapy sessions to learn how to speak fluently again. The first few sessions are grueling and frustrating for her, but the doctors tell her not to quit. She is determined to get back on track to where she was and makes an amazing recovery. She decides to have her surgery filmed from her perspective. This is a unique opportunity to find out what happens in one of the surgeries without any of the images that might harm some viewers. Very interesting indeed.