I Had A Heart Attack When This Grandma Fell Down Head First With A Baby In Her Arms!

This new method for placing a toddler in the crib serves more than one purpose. It was invented by the grandma shown in this video. The marketer is Brett B, who has done a great job of disseminating this method, as evidenced by the over 2 million times that this video has been viewed in just two weeks.

Grandma would also like to credit her adorable grandson, who accommodatingly put up with her many tweaks over the period of 6 months that it took for her to perfect this method. The other persons she would like to give her gratitude to are her son and daughter-in-law, the parents of this toddler.

One caveat about this method is that it will only work with toddlers of 20 months or older. Do not try this with very young babies – they will get totally freaked out. The required accessory is a stepstool, which serves as a springboard for diving into the crib.

With all credits and disclaimers out of the way, we can move on to describing the many advantages of this method. Chief of all is of course to develop rapport between grandma and grandson. Keep this up for at least 6 months and the grandson is bound to grow up thick as thieves with the grandma.

The second advantage is to amuse the toddler. An amused toddler will like his crib better, and therefore sleep better and is less likely to piss in the bed. Lastly, diving in and climbing out of the crib is simply great exercise for a grandma, which would help her feel spry for her age.

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