A Heart Broken Woman Is Surprised By Her Husband And Then Brought To Tears. Heart-Warming!

Death is truly one of the bittersweet events of life. It is the opposite of life, the ending. While we all appreciate the life, we are given at some point or another, the loss of a friend or family member, someone close to us, can leave a crater that’s impossible to fill. It’s amazingly difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one and to overcome some of these challenges we need a good support system, whether that be husband, girlfriend, mom or dad. We need someone to let us be as honest as we can be and help us lead the way towards healing. Towards feeling like we are getting back to our old selves, though we all know that once the damage is done, we must change. We must become better than we were, because who we used to be is no longer possible.

When we first witness the lengths one husband goes towards helping his wife, it breaks our hearts. They had both buried a long-time dog that they had filled with their love and joy. The dog lead a very happy life. Since they had just recently buried the longtime friend, the wife was still very emotional over the loss. Yet when her husband surprises her with the most unexpected gift? She breaks down into tears as she holds her fluffy new friend close to her heart. She sobs and thinks not only of the friend she lost, but also of the; lengths her husband went to make her happy.

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