My Heart Raced When That Jaguar Jumped Onto The Poor Dog. But What The Dog Did In Return? Wow!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t really need a lot of similarities to establish a bond with someone. The internet has given us a lot of videos featuring tons of unlikely animal friends. Some of them, for example, are a cat and a crow, or a horse and a goat, even a bird and a cat. The following video shares the unbelievable friendship of one such unlikely pair.

Many would think playing rough and tumble with a jaguar would leave most creatures dead. But that is not the case with Bullet. Bullet is a Jack Russell that formed an unbreakable bond with Jag the jaguar, when he was transferred to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa. They are the best of friends that do almost everything together, even playing, sleeping and eating together, 24 hours a day!

At one point, as the caretaker describes, the dog and the jaguar were separated when the jaguar became too large and needed his own enclosure. But they quickly discovered that separation wasn’t going to work. The dog wouldn’t leave the gate and the jaguar cried for 24 hours straight. So the Jack Russell moved in and they still live together today.

The dog is actually the dominant one, and if the jaguar ever gets too excited and starts hurting the dog without meaning to, Bullet just growls at him and he stops. I have never seen a bond like this one.

Watch their friendship in the clip below and let us know what you thought about it through your comments!

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