Your heart will melt when you see this baby’s reaction when he hears mommy’s voice for the 1st time.

When our baby is born, we don’t want anything to cause any harm to him or her. We make sure they have everything they need, and we go to great lengths to make sure this is so. We get our babies all sorts of specialized baby products. We take hundreds of selfies and turn ourselves into baby stylists.

What any parent wants to see is their baby grow up healthy and have a happy prosperous life. This means taking the baby to the doctor at the first sign anything looks to be wrong. There are times where our faith is put to the test and we must show our babies utmost care and assistance. This wishful thinking is often interrupted by the arrival of sad news by the doctor.

When my wife got pregnant with both our babies, I went through the usual process. Taking her to her appointments and doctor’s visits. I had told my wife I would go with her to each appointment with her because I wanted her to feel supported. Plus, I would get the chance to follow my wife’s pregnancy a lot better.

My baby was born without any problems (well, only that he would need a surgery for a hernia shortly after). I got to take the baby to the doctor’s appointments and got to do many things that I thought I would not do before. I found a different sense of purpose and because the baby was a boy, I knew then and there that I had my work cut out for me.

Sometimes parents get the news that their son or daughter was born with a certain condition. Parents worry a lot because they want their babies to be able to grow like any other. They make sure they feel appreciated and loved. At times, this is enough to help their children grow up without the idea that they are very different.

Just as in the case of the people in the following video. The baby’s name is Charly. She was born with a condition that would make it very challenging for her to even learn to speak. Her parents tried everything besides going to the doctor, but they saw modest improvement. After a few days, they found out that there was a doctor nearby who had agreed to run a few tests on the little baby.

Their parents did everything the doctors told them and got a couple of hearing aids. I wasn’t sure of how this thing was going work but believe me, it worked wonders. Would you like to see the progress the baby made and how he is doing now? Just click on the following video.