Your Heart Will Melt When You See How Sweetly This Baby Cuddles With Her Sister

Both toddlers and babies are beyond adorable. They can be incredibly sweet, gentle, affectionate, and funny. What’s more, when you bring small children together, they can be insanely cute with one another! Although they sometimes have their differences, they can often show each other huge amounts of love.

There’s nothing quite like watching a friendship between two babies blossom, especially when things didn’t initially get off on the right foot. To see them warm up to one another is a truly beautiful thing! Little kids often crave physical affection, but there are some who prefer to keep to themselves and leave the cuddling to other members of the family.

That was the case with the baby featured in the clip down below. Typically uninterested in snuggling with her big sister Nowah, Indi usually rejected any approaching hug attempts. However, something changed one day, and Indi became a cuddle monster right before her family’s very eyes, shocking everyone!

Latching onto Nowah like never before, Indi refused to let go of her sibling! Even when Nowah was attempting to pull away, the baby girl wasn’t about to quit holding her. She had plenty of love to give, and she was ready to make up for lost time! Nowah didn’t seem to be too unhappy about this, though. After all, it was about time her hugs were reciprocated!

Isn’t this the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? These siblings are bound to exchange plenty more hugs as they grow older! Whether they’re cuddling during movie nights on the couch or wishing each other well on a special day, it’s clear that the love between the two of them is blooming big time. Share this heartfelt video with your friends and family and be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comment section below!