Heartbroken Man Whispers “Don’t Die” To His Beloved Horse. What Happens Next Left Me In TEARS.

When it comes to animals, there is still so much that we don’t know. It’s really quite remarkable what animals are able to do, they constantly keep us on our toes and I guess that that is part of the appeal to us about animals.

We have spent a good portion of our lives, so people even dedicate the entirety of the lives to studying animals and yet we have only just scratched the surface. This however, seems to just further fuel our curiosity and love for them though.

This video below shows how strong a bond between man and animal can be. On a farm in Poland there was a man, Marek, who went out into his barn to check on something when he saw a terrifying scene before him. His large, beautiful white horse Freedom had walked on the wooden barn floor and the floor had caved in under her. This left Freedom trapped in a small hole in the barn floor.

Marek tried for hours to try and get her out but to no avail, he finally called the fire department to try and help get Freedom out. Once the fire department showed up though, after assessing the scene and attempting several times to get her out, that it was not possible and that Freedom may have to be put down.

Knowing his horse and how much he loved her Marek whispered to the exhausted horse words of encouragement, hoping that Freedom would rally for him. His wish came true. Freedom gathered up the rest of her strength and with the help of the fire department was finally able to get out of the hole in the floor. What an amazing rescue!

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