Heartbroken Man Whispers “Don’t Die” To Trapped Horse. Watch Freedom Liberated By Heroic Team!

When our loved ones are in danger, we get scared. This includes our pets that are like family members. Pets come in all shapes and sizes. Although majority of people own smaller pets like cats and dogs, this man who took the video footage owned a horse. When Marek Slodkowski came into his barn, he noticed that his horse, named Freedom, was trapped in a maintenance pit and couldn’t get out.

He rushed to get lots of hay and tried to fill the pit with hay to help the horse get out by increasing the ground level. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work. Even worse, his horse was weakening and was getting tired, unable to move from the small enclosure. Unable to do anything to free his horse, Marek called up the fire department and they came in full force to rescue Freedom.

They all trooped into the barn and used their hoses to try to life the horse out by sliding them under her belly. Her weight was not easy and you can see in the video how they are straining to pull her out. Unfortunately, this plan also didn’t seem to work. She had by now been trapped for many, many hours and was lying down. With heavy pants, the horse looked extremely tired and the owner got even more worried. Everyone had run out of ideas and the large rescue team was unsure of their next move.

He patted his horse, urging her not to give up and telling her that all will be okay. Maybe it’s his encouraging words and the fact that he was nearby, soothing her, but the thing that happened amazed everyone. She renewed her efforts to get out, even after being trapped for 12 long hours. With one mighty surge, she managed to get partly out and the rescue team came back and with a mighty effort, they pulled her to freedom. Happily, the horse ran free.

I loved watching this video and seeing everyone’s efforts is rescuing the horse and the team effort of the rescue mission. I also loved watching the owner-pet bond. Do you have a pet and a rescue story? What did you think of this video? Write in and let us know! We love hearing from you!

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