Heartwarming CEO’s instant promotion creates life-changing moment

‘Undercover Boss’ is a fascinating show that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at companies. Each episode features an upper-management employee or boss going undercover in disguise as an entry-level employee.

In this episode, Belfor’s CEO takes on a house renovation job. He joins a fellow worker named Joe to redo the insulation. They begin breaking the ceiling down, and the boss quickly becomes out of breath, working with a mask on.

Joe talks to him on their lunch break, and he says, “One week, I worked 74 and a half hours at the military base. We had a flood come through here, and all the roof collars leaked.”

The boss asks, “What motivates you for all that? Joe says his two kids named Natasha and Hunter. The undercover boss asks him about his previous self-employment. He used to own his own business and would make 500,000 a year.

Joe tells him that he went in the hole for $20,000 on one job, and then he got hit with a 10,000 dollar shortfall on the next job. Joe says he’s a hustler and runs more than one job at a time because you never know what could happen.

Then, the two men meet in the CEO’s office, and the boss reveals himself and says he loves Joe’s work ethic, but he doesn’t like him working side jobs. The CEO says, “So, I would like to promote you to project manager.”

They both smile big, and the CEO reveals he will advance Joe 10,000 dollars and give him an additional bonus to pay down some debts. When Joe hears this news, he starts crying. The boss tears up too, and Joe says, “Thank you. I don’t know what to say.” The two men embrace in the emotional finale.

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Heartwarming CEO\'s instant promotion creates life-changing moment