Heather Hope’s Purchase Saved Her Baby but Not Herself. The Tragic Tale Brings Tears to My Eyes!

Moms try to be safety and health conscious more often than aggressive and destructive. At least in my experience with my mom and moms in general. They are very nurturing and caring. They tend to appeal to the lighter side of us. Dad’s get the fun and rough stuff, while moms tell us to wash our hands, ask us how you would feel if you were in the others position-to teach caring, empathy and love. As well as nutrition and all those fundamentals. Some moms don’t fit that bill, but Heather Hope had the spirit that I’m sure every mom has.

She went to the store one day with one purpose- to buy the best baby car seat, the safest they had. She wouldn’t want anything to happen to her precious little angel. She had done weeks upon weeks of research, comparing statistics, possibilities of failure protecting- the whole nine yards. Upon the purchase, she installed the seat and put her darling baby in for the first and last time.

As the Washington native drove her young precious baby in her brand-new top of the line, 100% baby death resistant car seat, she found herself in an unfortunate incident. The young mother was part of a devastating car accident. She lost her life that day. She lost the chance to raise her beautiful, precious baby girl. She lost the chance to guide her through the world and teach her all the loving, caring, empathy she would ever need. However, her child?

I almost couldn’t believe it. …

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