I Held My Breath When The Elephant Got Close To Her, But What It Does Next Made Me Laugh For Hours!

Do you know that baby elephants are some of the most curious animals in the world? They just can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Because they’re so curious, elephants are a very smart animal. A lot of the times their curiosity is JUST TOO FUNNY.

In this video, the baby elephant is completely shocked that this girl doesn’t have a trunk like him! He has just discovered what a nose is and can’t keep his trunk away from exploring her face.

He is exploring every nook and cranny of this girl’s nose. He is grabbing it with his trunk and getting really close. She seems to be enjoying the curious attention from the baby elephant.

The baby spends a lot of time exploring the girls face. It’s adorable how he keeps flapping his ears back and forth. He must be really excited by the interaction.

But keep watching the video because the baby’s reaction at the end is completely priceless. After he temporarily walks away from the girl, he goes over to check out the camera.

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