He Helped A Stranded Penguin On The Beach, What The Penguin Did Next Will Leave You In Tears!

We have seen a lot of unusual friends on the internet. But the duo featured below, albeit cute, is one of the most bizarre parings ever. Seventy-one-year-old widower João Pereira de Souza is a retired bricklayer who lives on the coast of southeastern Brazil.

When he was walking along the beach one day in 2011, he found a Magellanic penguin covered in oil struggling to survive. He knew he had to help the poor thing, and he also knew he was a bit far from his natural habitat. De Souza cleaned the penguin up and gave him some sardines. He called him Jingjing.

De Souza tried to release the penguin back to his habitat, but Jingjing had other plans. He waddled out of the ocean and right back to João. “He never left me again,” says de Souza. This penguin was that grateful to his rescuer, and he didn’t want to leave him.

Jinjing is a native to Patagonia, which is roughly 2000 miles away. He occasionally takes off for a few months around February, but he always somehow manages to find his way back to João. He spends almost about eight months in a year with his human pal. This has been going on for four years now! If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is! How clever is this little penguin to find his way back to his rescuer every year?

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