Helpless Abandoned Baby Squirrels Rescued From Certain Death By Construction Worker

George Holt was going about his work, fixing a traffic light pole in Denver, Colorado, when he saw a nest. He thought it belonged to a momma bird and her babies, but instead saw tiny hairless babies with no sight of their mother around. He knew it would be fatal to leave the squirrel infants there, so he did what any macho guy would do – rescue them.

His video shows us how they (his wife and him) feed, bathe, clean and shelter the babies and it’s so heart warming to see the lengths they go to make sure that the squirrel babies grow up strong and healthy. It’s incredible that these fragile looking babies, hairless and without their eyes even opened, survived that long.

George gives credit to his wife, who feeds them every two and a half hours and makes sure that they’re warm and well fed. It can’t be easy, sticking to that schedule but baby squirrels need a lot of care and attention, but she really takes very good care of them.

You get to see how they feed the two squirrels, named Fred and Ginger – the techniques they’ve learned and the steps they follow for each feeding. It’s no easy task, but this 17 minute long video really takes you through the whole process, and best of all, you get to see the close bond and great friendship George and his wife share.

It all comes down to teamwork and these two definitely make a great team! I loved their rescue efforts and hope that the baby squirrels have grown up to be healthy, beautiful furry adults. What did you think of this story and video? Have you rescued any animals? We love hearing from you – write to us in the comments section below!

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