Helpless Baby Horse Is Drowning When A Wild Stallion Catches What’s Happening

If you ‘ve spent time around horses then you already know how smart, loving and compassionate they really are. It’s no shock that humans and horses have had a steady and meaningful relationship that goes back several millennia. Horses are highly intelligent and great subjects for training but they also have amazing innate abilities for figuring things out on their own. Horses can unlock and open stall doors, so you really have to be wary about underestimating how much they can accomplish.

Like people, horses do make mistakes in judgment that can lead to injury. Also like humans, the younger colts are more likely to make said mistakes or to just let their curiosity get the better of them.

Along the Salt river in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, a wild horse was grazing along, minding his own business as usual, his name is Champ. Not much time went by and another group of horses was spotted on other side of the river. Champ and his family took note of the other horses playing and wanted to join in the fun so began to walk across the river. Now larger horses are able to move through the water with no effort, but a young filly becomes washed up by the strong current. Scared, she will struggle to tread water but then goes under.

Luckily Champ is watching the whole time and jumps in to grab the filly by the neck and pulls her to safety. The whole thing is caught on video and it will move you for sure. Please share this amazing footage and leave your comments below.

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