Helpless dog stuck in snow storm, instantly sees German Shepherd lunging towards him

There have been so many animal rescue videos on YouTube that you would think that there could be nothing different out there for us to view. But then a story comes along that makes you go WOW. The clip below features an animal rescue with a great twist. Those of us that live in areas that are affected by snowfalls know just how difficult it can be to do the simples things, like just getting around. It’s cold outside and is probably the last place that you want to be during a snow storm.

We, humans, are lucky, we have all the luxuries of home inside a nice warm cozy house, but what about our beloved Pets? Some of them want nothing more than to go outside and run and play and enjoy their freedom that the outdoors gives them. But we have to be very careful, our animals can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia just like we do, so we need to be responsible during the winter months to make sure that our pets are safe from the elements.

While most dogs are not suited for these extreme conditions, some can cope with them better than others. In the video below we see a young lady outside in a snowstorm walking her German Shepard. Now Shepherds have quite a thick coat so they can deal with the cold conditions better than any short haired dog could. Our dog owner is being very responsible and has her dog on a lead, she wouldn’t want it to run off in these freezing conditions and get lost. While on their walk they came across another dog who was having difficulty in the deep snow. This poor dog had become trapped next to a dumpster bin and was starting to feel the effect of the freezing cold weather.

It was becoming quite obvious to the German Shepherds owner that this poor stranded dog was in trouble, who knows how long it had been stuck there, and how much longer it could survive the conditions that Mother Nature was dealing out. She was trying to encourage the dog from out of its predicament but could see that the hapless-pooch was too short to make its way through the deep snow. With more and more words of encouragement, the stranded dog made several attempts to move from behind the dumpster that had become his temporary home. It was now evident to all that this determined-yet-frantic dog was in big trouble.

The interesting thing about animals is their instinct to know when someone or something is in trouble or just doesn’t seem right. The German Shepherd could sense the distress in the other dog and decided to do something about it himself. Click on the link below and watch as our hero-Shepherd saves his brother-in-paw from what could have been a very chilly end.